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Hi-Crush Partners LP Recognized for Exemplary Safety Record

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News Release

Houston, Texas - June 1, 2016 - Hi-Crush Partners LP (NYSE: HCLP), or Hi-Crush, today announced that it recently received a safety award for its exemplary safety record at its Augusta mine and processing facility. Hi-Crush was recognized at the Industrial Mineral Association - North America (IMA-NA) Annual Safety Recognition Awards Luncheon.

"We place safety as a top priority at Hi-Crush," said Robert E. Rasmus, Chief Executive Officer of Hi-Crush. "We are very proud of our company's unwavering dedication to safety and consider recognition from experienced associations such as IMA-NA to be clear and tangible examples of our success. In addition to this recent recognition we received at Augusta, we are proud to report that our Wyeville facility has passed MSHA inspection several times in a row with no findings. We will continue to place safety in front of all that we do in order to operate safely and efficiently for the benefit of our customers and employees."

About Hi-Crush
Hi-Crush is an integrated producer, transporter, marketer and distributor of high-quality monocrystalline sand, a specialized mineral that is used as a proppant to enhance the recovery rates of hydrocarbons from oil and natural gas wells. Our reserves, which are located in Wisconsin, consist of "Northern White" sand, a resource that exists predominately in Wisconsin and limited portions of the upper Midwest region of the United States. Hi-Crush owns and operates the largest distribution network in the Marcellus and Utica shales, and has distribution capabilities throughout North America. For more information, visit

About Industrial Minerals Association - North America
The Industrial Minerals Association - North America (IMA-NA) is a trade association created to advance the interests of North American companies that mine or process minerals used throughout the manufacturing and agricultural industries. Examples of minerals represented by the IMA-NA include ball clay, bentonite, borates, calcium carbonate, feldspar, industrial sand, mica, soda ash, talc and wollastonite.

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